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You’re trying to rank a highly competitive term, but no matter what you throw at the page, the rankings are stuck. You pushed with off-page links, on-page optimizations, internal links and topical authority. Your page is perfect in every way but the rankings just won’t budge.

InstaRankers is a service that can help get your page unstuck and give you a ranking boost in a matter of hours.

Your keyword will JUMP in the rankings, instantly taking over the competition and putting you in the rightful place at the top of the rankings.

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Unleash Your Page’s Power with InstaRankers

InstaRankers uses a custom-developed method to force an algorithmic organic ranking position re-evaluation. Instead of waiting for weeks, or even months for links and optimizations to kick in, our service boosts rankings almost immediately.

We generate a high-power, page specific signal which is picked up by Google instantly and forces a refresh of the search engine result pages which favours your page.

The end-result is that your currently optimized keywords pop-up in the rankings within hours of triggering the signal.

Benefits of Choosing

Why Use InstaRankers?


Boost your page’s Google rankings in a matter of hours.


Uses a Google-safe method which leaves no traces of manipulation.


Generate instant ROI for your SEO campaigns.


How Does it Work?

The InstaRankers is an IP-protected method which creates a surge of viral traffic to the target page.

Going viral has been an effective way of ranking a page for many years. However, the typical methods of creating viral traffic are typically time and cost intensive.

InstaRankers is a game-changer here.

We create a surge of geo-specific social media viral traffic which is the same as a page going viral on social media.

The surge in traffic causes a revaluation of the page’s rankings, resulting in an instant surge in rankings in a matter of hours.

Unlock Viral Traffic Skyrocket Your Rankings

Explosive Growth


Boost your page’s Google rankings in a matter of hours.


Uses a Google-safe method which leaves no traces of manipulation.


Generate instant ROI for your SEO campaigns.

What Do Results Look Like?


High Competition Gambling Keywords (Sweden)

High Competition Gambling Keywords (Sweden)

High Competition Gambling Keywords (Sweden)

Jump Start


/ Per Single Boost

Single URL Boost

Instant Traffic Boost or Scheduled on Label

One-off viral traffic

Low competition keywords that need one-off boosts

No limit on pages or domains

Take Off (10x Boost)



/ Per URL Per Month

Single URL

Instant Traffic Boost or Scheduled

Recurring viral traffic

Several mid-level competition pages

No limit on pages or domains

Bulk Pricing


/ For Pricing

Multiple URLs

Instant Traffic Boost or Scheduled

Large number of high competition pages

No limit on pages or domains

Success Stories

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the quality, excellence, and trust in our ranking services.

Emily Thompson

Casino Affiliate Marketer

Before InstaRankers, I struggled to get my pages noticed in highly competitive t1 markets( casino affiliate). But within just a couple of hours from pushing viral campaigns, my rankings improved dramatically. It’s fast, efficient, and truly remarkable product

Jason Anderson

Digital Marketing Consultant

Viral SEO is the way to go. I’ve never seen anything like it

David Patel

Website Owner

I’ve used various SEO services before, but nothing compares to the speed and efficiency of this product. My website’s ranking improved significantly faster than I ever thought possible

Amanda Mitchell

Online Marketing Specialist

Viral SEO is a game-changer for anyone serious about improving their rankings in competitive niches like gambling. It’s a must have!

Sarah Rodriguez

SEO Professional

InstaRankers is a dream come true for all SEO professionals who operates in competitive niches. The speed at which it works has not only saved me time but also made my clients incredibly happy with the immediate results and ROI.

Ryan Carter

SEO Expert

I’ve been in SEO for years and have never seen a service that boosts rankings as quickly as this one.

Traffic Transformation

InstaRankers method swiftly elevates SEO rankings by simulating geo-specific viral traffic, creating an instant, cost-effective surge. Real results, real impact

Frequently Asked Questions.

What services does InstaRankers offer?

InstaRankers provides SEO services focused on improving Google ranking positions. We have method that generates viral, geo-specific traffic for quick increase in rankings and ROI.

Is the viral SEO service safe to use with Google?

Yes, InstaRankers service is designed to be Google-safe, ensuring there are no traces of manipulation. It has been working for 2 years without any bad effects.

What conditions must I meet to achieve the best results?

The only condition is that the page has a healthy status from an SEO perspective. Websites that are penalized won’t be effective. We suggest contacting us before placing an order, so we can evaluate the page and determine if it’s ready for viral traffic.

What types of packages are available?

We offer various packages, including single boosts and monthly services, catering to different needs and keyword competitiveness.

Where can I get more information or contact InstaRankers?

You can find more details and contact information by using contact form.

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